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Volunteering in Mexico – As a volunteer, whether in a group or as an individual the primary goal should be the care, welfare, development and protection of the children… as volunteers in a foreign country it is especially important to take into consideration the challenges that might be involved. The casa hogar has guidelines and regulations that are set in place to protect the privacy and security of the children, as well as the volunteers who are under the laws and cultural practices of a foreign country. During the time frame that volunteers are on the casa hogar premises a translator and a supervisor are provided at extra cost for the casa hogar. Transportation, housing and food can be pre-arranged to provide a safe and pleasant experience. Schedules are outlined based on the abilities and interest of the volunteer group. Space and time periods are limited for the number of individual and group volunteers.


Groups who would like to volunteer in Mexico are asked to coordinate this with The Children’s Foundation office in Colorado. Our volunteer calendar is scheduled one year in advance and confirmed within six months of the time frame scheduled. Groups must fill out a group application with suggested time frames that they would be available for a volunteer trip. Once the group is accepted and a time period approved a deposit of $500 is required. We ask volunteer groups to pay their own expenses and provide funding for the project that they will have.


If an Individual wants to volunteer in Mexico they should contact TCF office to see if they can join with a group that might be scheduled at the time they are interested in, or determine if the time and interest they have will work effectively for both the volunteer and the Casa Hogar. Individual volunteers are asked to complete an application for individual volunteers, request a volunteer time and project six months prior to their estimated travel date. Because of the regulations requiring supervision and translators whether for a group or individual volunteers a deposit of $300 is required if the application is accepted.


Volunteers that are available in Mexico to help with fund raising events are asked to coordinate that directly with the event chair person. This information can be obtained through TCF office.


Volunteering in Colorado with The Children’s Foundation- from time to time the TCF office has need of volunteers to help with mailings or special events that may be coming up. To volunteer in Colorado please contact TCF office.

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