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When you make an individual gift to The Children’s Foundation, 100% goes directly to our programs that are rescuing & restoring children. In order to make that happen, we have donors who offset the administrative expenses of TCF.


Our Founder & Director, Nancy Nystrom, receives no compensation and is in fact one of our largest contributors.





2013 represented an exciting year of growth in the programs The Children’s Foundation (TCF) supports through CasaHogar Los Angelitos (CHLA). There has been an increase in the number of children and for the first time ever in the historyof CHLA, three of the children are in college as well as one child, a community member of the Ballet Folklorico, isreceiving a scholarship through CHLA. In addition, Ballet Folklorico Los Angelitos, part of the Education/ExpressiveArts program, toured in Southeast Iowa, USA thanks to the generosity of several Rotaries. We are excited to be bringingthis wonderful dance program to Canada this year.


Looking at TCF's overall support and revenue, total revenue was up 9% over the previous year. There was positivegrowth in Child and Educational Sponsorship and Events Income. However, there was a decrease of 27% in individualgiving of general donations and TCF's Founder donated 24% of total support to help meet the short-fall. Looking atTCF's overall programmatic efficiency, 73% of the Foundation's expenses went directly to Program costs. This was anincrease of 2.5% over the previous year. Program service needs increased 17% from 2012 due mainly to higher educationcosts and caretaker costs due to the increase in the number of children at CHLA.


Moving forward, TCF is looking for ways to help meet the deficit needed to fund programs. In 2014, CHLA is supportingfour University students and will be adding one more in the fall. There has also been an increase of children enteringinto care. TCF has been fortunate for many years to have the support of the Founder when a deficit occurs. However,over time this has put a burden on the Founder’s shoulders of which we would like to remove. An exciting venture startingis the formation of The Children's Foundation Canada. It is our greatest hope that with the formation of this Foundationand new fundraising support TCF will not only meet the deficit needed to fund its programs, but expand as well.The financial results depicted on the next page are derived from The Children's Foundation's audited December 31,2013 financial statements, which contain an unqualified audit opinion. TCF's complete audited financial statements canbe obtained online at


Lorie Ketcham
Financial Director (Independent)




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